CTC Pledge – NYC Council

The Courage to Change pledge for New York City Council is designed as a tool for voters and the progressive movement – particularly as many are navigating ranked choice voting for the first time. 

In 2021, the city of New York implemented a new way to vote called Ranked-Choice Voting which allows voters to choose multiple candidates and rank them by order of preference. In New York City, voters will have the choice to rank up to five candidates.

As many of us get ready to cast a Ranked-Choice Vote for the first time in the June primary, the CTC questionnaire is designed to provide voters with a resource to help identify quality leaders who reflect our progressive values. 

The questionnaire is divided into seven parts; part I and part II are designed to inform on a candidate’s campaign practices, specifically, a candidate’s capacity to respond to movements and to fundraise ethically. Candidate responses to parts III-VII of the questionnaire provide a look into a candidate’s commitment to grassroot policies that prioritize working-class New Yorkers. These remaining questions are specifically designed to highlight real actions and decisions that New York City Council members can advance in the next four years. 

When voters see that a candidate is CTC certified, they know that candidate is people-funded, committed to the grassroots, and supports policies that prioritize working-class New Yorkers in the pursuit of social, economic and racial justice.  Candidates who take the CTC pledge clearly demonstrate an unwavering commitment to change a political system that puts wealthy special interests ahead of working people. It means you have the courage to stand up to established interests, big money, and politics as usual no matter the Party — and to propose bold solutions to our biggest challenges. The pledge recognizes candidates who don’t just talk the talk, but who have a proven movement-building track record of organizing to get the job done.

We invite any candidate for New York City Council to request a questionnaire and take the CTC pledge. Completed questionnaires must be submitted to CTC on or before Monday, May 10, 2021. If multiple candidates in the same race take the CTC pledge, the recognition may be awarded to more than one candidate. Only candidates for NYC Council who have taken the CTC pledge will be considered for a personal endorsement from Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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Courage to Change is focused on more than just winning this year’s election cycle. We think it’s time to reshape our political landscape. We support candidates who live their values; put people ahead of profit; and who have the courage to tirelessly pursue the changes we need – like solving our housing crisis and forging a Green New Deal.