Purpose & Goal: The Courage to Change PAC is designed to support candidates and advance progressive issues. Our mission is to help widen the path to elected office for working people, grassroots progressives, and candidates who exemplify political courage.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to endorse every amazing candidate running. And while we do not have a single criteria or requirement by which to endorse candidates, we always consider the following:

  • How have the candidate’s lived experiences prepared them for office?
  • Will the outcome of this race shift political power back to working-class people?
  • Does Courage to Change PAC’s involvement add value to the race?
  • Is this person a progressive, movement-oriented, underdog candidate?
  • Does the candidate display a strong history of community involvement and a deep understanding of local issues?
  • When is the upcoming Election Day?
  • Is there a sense of political urgency in the race that requires immediate action?

Next Steps

Are you still interested in our endorsement?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Email with some background about yourself and the office you’re seeking.
  2. If appropriate, our team will reach out to schedule a call or meeting with you about your candidacy and to provide you with a candidate questionnaire. These meetings and questionnaires are used to finalize your individual candidate report.
  3. Once your individual candidate report is complete, our team thoroughly reviews and considers it for advancement to a final interview. If selected for a final interview, a member of our team will reach out to your campaign to schedule a call.
  4. If your final interview goes well, you will be selected for an endorsement. After an endorsement decision is made, our team will reach out to coordinate next steps.