Courage to Change Pledge

For the first time, the Courage  to Change PAC is issuing a distinction to candidates seeking local, state and federal office who successfully complete our national questionnaire. The Courage to Change Distinction  seeks to identify those candidates who are truly committed to social, economic and racial justice – rather than those candidates who would superifically claim the progressive mantle.  

The questionnaire asks candidates to commit to policy pledges across eleven different areas. Ultimately,  a Courage to Change candidate: believes in  ending the influence of special interest and corporations in campaign finance; expanding union power everywhere; increasing  investments for infrastructure projects that emphasize sustainability, equity and access for everyone; adopting the  Green New Deal, and  its principles of jobs, justice, and decarbonization; increasing public safety through education, jobs, healthcare, and community-based programs;  making housing permanently affordable, inclusive, and widely available; passing Medicare for All;  making public colleges and universities tuition-free while cancelling all student debt; treating all immigrants with dignity and respect while creating a pathway to citizenship; and expanding voting rights to protect our democracy.

The Courage to Change Policy Pledge Distinction should not be considered an endorsement from Rep. Ocasio-Cortez when awarded. 

Courage to Change Policy Pledge Distinctions will be announced on a rolling basis. You may submit your completed Candidate questionnaire at any time on a rolling basis.

Access the CTC Questionnaire

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Courage to Change is focused on more than just winning this year’s election cycle. We think it’s time to reshape our political landscape. We support candidates who live their values; put people ahead of profit; and who have the courage to tirelessly pursue the changes we need – like solving our housing crisis and forging a Green New Deal.